Crews Laser Center Testimonials

“A very pleasant and helpful staff! They expressed caring at every step of my procedure. The procedure was pain free and very positive. I’m looking forward to many days ahead of improved eyesight.”
Sue P.
“EXCELLENT SERVICE! I am very pleased with Dr. Crews and his staff.”
Nick K.
“I came to Dr. Crews to inquire about cataract surgery. Dr. Crews was very informative with all the lens options available to me. The surgery was very pleasant & with no pain or discomfort. Dr. Crews is still working with me through the process of perfecting the lens option I chose.”
Judy W.
“I am a very satisfied prior patient. The staff is very professional and experienced; they provide a very family like atmosphere. My surgery was a success! I enjoy having good vision again.”
Ken B.
“Dr. Crews and his staff are great. The experience I had with Dr. Crews during my cataract surgery and subsequent LASIK procedure was one of caring. He always explained what he was doing and how the procedure was progressing. My husband and I have continuously recommended Dr. Crews whenever the occasion arises.”
Connie H.
““A+” Crystalens implants in my left eye for short to mid range, and right eye for long range. I am very happy with both. What a life changing experience!”
Rollie H.
“Crews LASIK is outstanding! They explain the procedure thoroughly, keep you calm and are very efficient. The follow up visits are great. Both myself and my husband have felt in good hands at this office. Thank you for a positive change in lifestyle for us.”
Shannon B.
“I had RK done 13 years ago here and my vision was great! Now I had PRK done and immediately I could read a book without reading glasses! Six weeks later and my distance vision is awesome! No more reading glasses, regular glasses or contacts. I would recommend this place to everyone!”
Kelly T.
“I checked out several places before I chose Crews LASIK Center. The staff are friendly and made me feel very comfortable. I could see better as soon as I sat up after the procedure. I have no negative feelings about the entire experience it’s GREAT! “No Glasses!””
Mary R.
“My experience with Dr. Crews and his entire staff was wonderful! Dr. Crews walked me through each step of the procedure. His staff was always very friendly and knowledgeable. It was the easiest procedure I have gone through…NO PAIN!!”
Betty G.
“It was one of the best things I ever had done. The people here are very caring and nice. I never thought I would ever be able to see as well as I do today. If you wear glasses or contacts you should come see Doc Crew, he was the best. I can’t even tell you how good it feels to see.”
Kay C.
“I had the monvision LASIK procedure. It’s been great getting rid of my glasses. I can easily do everything I want without glasses in my way. Thank you to all the staff and Dr. Crews.”
Randell N.
“I had PRK monovision done and I have been very pleased with the whole experience. The staff at Crews LASIK are very professional. I recommend Dr. Crews to anyone who is considering LASIK. I am very pleased with the results of my procedure.”
Sharon N.